About the Department

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The Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatology is designed to promote excellent academic and research values which translate to evidence based clinical practice in the care of reproductive health of our women. To this end we align our educational mission with that of the Faculty, College and the University, which is to impact the essential knowledge , skills and attitude that will lead to success in medical education, training and clinical practice. The department has members who are knowledgeable and distinguished specialists in various fields of reproductive health of women and translate the goals of the department in the design of their lectures and research. The performance of the department is assessed by annual review and this is seen in the vast number of research publications output. These researches are also in collaboration with other departments and some are from award of grants from the university and from international organizations. Students who rotate through the department are given instructional objectives and are trained to demonstrate understanding, communication skills and competence in promoting the health and wellbeing of the mother and their newborn. They are also taught the ability to acquire clinical skills, build therapeutic relationship with their patients and are evaluated for theses competencies using the continuous assessment and examinations. In addition, to continue to meet the the national need for specialists, the department is involved in the Postgraduate fellowship training of resident doctors. All these have helped in the advancement of highest standards of competencies and ethical behaviour to meet standards for accreditations in medical education and translate gown to town and support the university in its vision to be one of the foremost Universities in Africa.